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Christmas Music starts in 4 days

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11/15/2010 3:10PM
Christmas Music starts in 4 days
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11/09/2012 2:18PM
Christmas music starts in 4 days
TOO EARLY!!! Much prefer to start day after Thanksgiving.
11/15/2013 6:02PM
christmas music
when r u going to play Christmas music on magic 101.9
11/19/2013 3:07PM
Christmas Music
I **love** hearing the Christmas music on Magic 101.9, but the station has the play dates all wrong! I would rather have you start the music the day after Thanksgiving and continue playing it through January 1 (or January 6, if you are a true New Orleanian). Please don't stop it on Christmas Day!
11/20/2013 9:13PM
Christmas music makes the world happy!
I can't wait for the music to start and like others I am always so sad to see it go. I truly wait for this time all year long. Thanks for making my entire family smile all holiday season!!!
11/17/2014 1:13PM
when r u guys going to play christmas songs
I'm waiting for magic 1 01.9 to play my Christmas songs
11/18/2014 12:17AM
The Magic of Christmas Music
So happy you all are going to start the Christmas music soon! I can't wait! Yayyy!!!
11/18/2014 12:11PM
Christmas music
Way too early for Christmas music. Wait until Nov. 28
12/09/2014 5:53PM
hardcandy christmas by Dolly Parton
Never was played today @ 12:14pm,09Dec,could you please play it,Thank You,faithful listener 101.9,its almost 6pm...
12/09/2014 6:35PM
Hardcandy Christmas
When will be played on Magic 101.9? Please,reply...Thank You
11/06/2015 6:22PM
Christmas music 2015
When will Christmas music start on magic
11/09/2015 3:48PM
Christmas music
Start Now, PLEASE!!!! Magic 93.7 in Mississippi is playing it now.
11/09/2015 5:38PM
Xmas music
Yeah..can't wait until Christmas music! A tradition for my family and I to listen to magic 101.9 for holidays
11/15/2015 4:51PM
Xmas music
I triple ditto all the previous comments, it's Christmas in Mississippi and Alabama! :)
11/16/2015 8:00PM
Can't wait for the christmas music!!! Beautiful songs that always make me happy!
11/19/2015 2:53PM
Christmas 2015
When does Christmas music start??
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