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Five Worst Holiday Foods That Cause Bad Breath?

OK so there’s lots of people over for a Holiday party and lots of close talking so now is a good time to keep the mints handy and may watch out for  certain holiday dishes. Not eating some of your favorites in order to keep your breath fresh may seem a bit extreme, but would you rather eat hearty and stand alone in the corner until January, or make a few adjustments and have a real shot at being kissed under the mistletoe? “The fact is that brushing your teeth and using some mouthwash to eliminate breath odors is a great start, but the effects of that regimen pretty much wear off before you even make it to lunch,” according to my Dentist. “Of course you should brush your teeth and floss on a daily basis, but that’s not enough to keep your breath fresh all day. Food is just one of the many variables that can cause bad breath, and watching what you eat is a good place to start.” So as a Public Service here ya go and you’re welcome. 
  • The five worst holiday foods that cause bad breath     Candy Canes  (Really?)     Cranberry Sauce     Candied Yams     Mashed Potatoes     Egg Nog

11/23/2010 2:03PM
Five Worst Holiday Foods That Cause Bad Breath?
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