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G Movies that scared young kids

So I just blogged about the safest, sweetest movie Winnie The Pooh yesterday. And it brought some comment from listenetrs about other so called kids movies. Movies for kids aren't all sweetness and light, even if they're rated G. Bambi's mom dying, Old Yeller? Cruella De Vil wanting to make those poor little Dalmatians into coats? Scary scenes can make the happy ending worthwhile, but some kids can’t handle some intense moments, even if mom or dad is close by. So here are some of the scenes from Movies that frightened their children -- and sometimes, the parent’s too. Toy Story' terror Most kids were scared by the cymbal-clanging monkey in Toy Story 3. My god child Kyle when he  wants to watch the movie, he asks — even before I put the DVD in — if I will skip the monkey part. He's not a very frightful kid, but the monkey really scares him.” Toy Story 3, hands down was a popular choice most parents called the creepiest "children's" film. The incinerator scene in Toy Story 3 scared a lot of children even to the point of tears. A lot of parents that bought Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on DVD refuse to purchase Toy Story 3."  What happened to 'Nemo's' mom? Young children seemed terrified of the opening scene in 'Finding Nemo,' where Marlin and Coral are attacked by that big fish and the fish eats Coral and all the fish eggs except Nemo. Some parents skip that scene when playing there DVD Stop those 'Cars' 'Cars 2, Oh come on what one parent described as “a mix of 'Fast and the Furious' and 007 all in one. I was surprised to see so MANY guns in the movie. So many shoot outs, it was just too much for a 6 year old and a 3 yr old!"    'Ice Age 2,' 'Gremlins,' and Darth Vader "The flood in 'Ice Age 2 The Meltdown' had many 3-6 years olds scared. Now 'Gremlins' is pretty scary for older kids and even adults and who wasn’t scared of DARTH VADER! 'Ratatouille': Shoot those rats More Gun’s to worry about in the Disney movie ‘Ratatouille’. Wham-bam first scene is of a grandmother-type woman pulling out a shotgun and shooting her whole house up trying to kill all of the rats!   'E.T.': Phone...aaaaaugh! My sister who is near 50 still will not watch that movie. She is scared to death of E.T. And we heard from a few parents that it terrified there children as well. The very first scene that showed E.T.'s face put some kids over the edge. Even after explaining to them that E.T. is 'nice' and 'cute' but had no luck at convincing them that he was anything other than a hideous monster from outer space!’ 'Coraline': Fake Mom needs a manicure "The scene in 'Coraline' where the "Fake Mom" is chasing after Coraline and has extremely long nails was way too much for one 7 year old. She hasn't watched the movie since." Murder in 'Mulan' "There are several scenes in the cartoon 'Mulan' which were far too violent/disturbing for a child to see. Another Disney movie that a parent says failed to recognize the topic was that Genghis Khan was a murderer of millions of people, and there are some subjects that shouldn't be taught to young children until they are old enough to understand 'Heidi': Even Shirley Temple movies can scare Really” Yep, the 1937 movie, 'Heidi' starring Shirley Temple traumatized one small girl when she was 4 years old. She trembled when Heidi's grumpy grandfather or Fräulein Rottenmeier, the mean and strict housekeeper were in the scenes! She’s now 20 years old and says it's one of the scariest movies ever!"

07/22/2011 2:15PM
G Movies that scared young kids
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