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Born and raised in New Orleans, I went to school at St. Edwards in Metairie, Rummel High and on to LSU. I have been living "On The Air" in New Orleans for 20 years.

Let me be your co-worker to get your through the day with Continuous Soft Rock and all the hot topics of the day on Magic 101.9!

It's "I DO" month

Since since I am going to a wedding this weekend it got me thinking that since June has always been a big month for weddings. Why not blog about it?  So what’s the history of June being the “Wedding” month? According to the internet in the earlier agrarian era, if a couple were to get married in June and conceived a child shortly thereafter the wife would give birth before harvest time. That would ensure that the Mrs. would be well enough to work in the fields come harvest time.  Romantic huh? So here are 6 of this year’s hottest wedding trends according to some of America’s top wedding planners: 1.  For some reason, despite the economic woes facing our country, glamorous weddings are in this year.  Simple and quiet weddings are out; elegance and sophistication are the in themes this year. 2.  Embellishing the back of the wedding dress is a big trend this year.  Common sense tells us that the wedding guests will be seeing the back of the dress so adding a little more detail to the back of the gown is always a good thing. 3.  The hot color theme this year for the bride’s gown and the groom’s suite as well as the flowers and decorations is rich, bold colors such as purple, gold and, orange.  Cute and sweet pastels are out this year. 4.    Be square this year.  Round tables at wedding receptions are out.  Square tables tend to facilitate interactions between guests better than round tables and are easier to decorate. 5.  If you are planning a destination wedding, the ‘in’ destination is the UK.  Why?  Blame it on the Royal couple and all the press and talk about them and their Royal wedding has made the UK an even hotter wedding destination. 6.  There is even a new trend this year for the traditional wedding reception cocktail hour.  Usually, the cocktail hour is when the after-wedding pictures are taken and the guests just mill around drinking.  This year look to find live entertainment happening during the cocktail hour.  Some weddings are just having your garden variety live music, while the more exotic wedding reception cocktail hours are being accompanied by impersonators, fortune tellers, and even fire eaters. Toast to you. Steve

06/09/2011 3:13PM
It's "I DO" month
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