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Every morning, I'll start your day with the More Music Morning Show! Plus Weather, traffic and quick little bits of information to help make it a stress free drive to work. 

Thanks again for making me a part of your morning!

Posts from July 2012

Olympics Breaks Record In Viewership On Opening Day
More Americans saw Friday's Olympics opening ceremony than any other Olympics opening ceremony, summer or winter. Some 40.7 million people watched the coverage, which beat the record of 39.8 million people who watched the ceremony for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

According to Twitter, the biggest spike in tweets came not during Paul McCartney's performance, or the queen jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond, but during Mr. Bean's "Chariots of Fire" homage.

I miss watching Mr. Beans.
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This huge plume of smoke is where the old Claiborne Towers used to be. The building known as the Pallas Hotel was one of the last buildings remaining in the downtown area. It has changed hands several times since it's 1950 opening but has sat abandoned as a hotel for many years.

The demolition took place early Sunday morning to make way for the new University Medical Center, a hospital being built to replace the old Charity Hospital, which was closed after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 and flooded the hospital's basement.

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The FBI is investigating how needles got into turkey
sandwiches on Delta Air Line flights from Amsterdam
to the U.S. Delta says what appeared to be sewing needles
were found in six sandwiches over the weekend.
The sandwiches were made by a catering company
in Amsterdam called Gate Gourmet. One passenger actually
bit into one of the sandwiches and is being treated with HIV
medication for safe measures.

I guess since the terrorists can't get a bomb on our planes, they are satisfied to injure us anyway they can. Also look for more regulations from our government coming out of this, like Airlines can't serve food on flights anymore.
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This rare blue lobster called Toby was caught aboard a boat called Pot luck
in the waters near Ocean City, Maryland.
The odds of catching a blue lobster is about 1 in 2-million,
and that is why Toby won't end up in a pot of boiling water. The owner
decided instead to donate him to the National Aquarium in Washington, D.C.

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Getting on the internet today could be a problem for some today.
That's because malware that took over computers around the world
more than a year ago may affect thousands trying to get online.
Oh my god what are Facebook members going to do?

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