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Born and raised in New Orleans, I went to school at St. Edwards in Metairie, Rummel High and on to LSU. I have been living "On The Air" in New Orleans for 20 years.

Let me be your co-worker to get your through the day with Continuous Soft Rock and all the hot topics of the day on Magic 101.9!

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Happy Birthday to Steve Gleason
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A Blessed Day

Argentine Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope, This selection is a huge surprise. Pope Francis is the first Latin American pope, for one thing. For another, he was not among the front runners. The cardinals made a bold choice! Here's what we know about former cardinal Jorge Bergoglio so far.

  1. As we said, this is the first Catholic pope from Latin America. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1936.
  2. He is 76 years old.
  3. He is the first to take the name "Francis." The name symbolizes "poverty, humility, simplicity, and rebuilding the Catholic church," says CNN Vatican expert John Allen.
  4. He lives simply. He reportedly cooks his own meals and gave up the chauffeured limo cardinals are entitled to. Instead, he takes a bus to work. He gave up a lavish cardinal's residence and lives in a small apartment.
  5. In college Pope Francis studied chemistry. He worked as a professor, teaching philosophy, literature, and psychology.
  6. He is known for his commitment to social justice.
  7. On the other hand, he is also known as a doctrinal conservative who opposes same-sex marriage, abortion, and euthanasia.
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