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TOP TAX PROCRASTINATING CITIES If you live in Houston and your taxes aren't done yet, you probably aren't alone. That city leads the latest TurboTax list of the Top Tax Procrastinating Cities for a second year in a row, and the fifth time in ten years. But Houston isn't the only repeater on the list. The top three haven't changed over the past 12 months, with Chicago, once again, the "second city" on the list, and New York taking the number three spot for a third consecutive year. New York City also continues its record of being on every list since TurboTax began tracking filing data a decade ago. More Texas cities complete the top five, with Austin once again holding the number four spot for a second year in a row, and San Antonio making its debut on the list at number five. The 10th annual TurboTax List of the Top 10 Tax Procrastinating Cities: 1. Houston - (last year number one) 2. Chicago - (last year number two) 3. New York - (last year number three) 4. Austin, Texas - (last year number four) 5. San Antoino, Texas - (not on last year's list) 6. San Francisco - (last year number five) 7. Seattle - (last year number six) 8. San Diego - (last year number seven) 9. Los Angeles - (last year number eight) 10. Dallas - (last year number nine 11. Las Vegas - (last year number ten) 12. Washington, DC - (last year number 15) 13. Portland, Oregon - (last year number 14) 14. Atlanta, Georgia - (last year number eleven) 15. Phoenix, Arizona - (last year number 13) 16. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - (last year number 12) 17. Orlando, Florida - (last year number 16) 18. Jacksonville, Florida - (last year number 17) 19. Tampa, Florida - (last year number 18) 20. San Jose, California - (not on last year's list)

04/18/2011 7:54AM
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