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Today is an Important Day but nobody knows

I know we have a lot of things coming up, Valentines Day, Carnival Time and Mardi Gras but today is a very important day too. Being a parent with a teenager I am well away of the dangers and effects of bulling. Approximately 864,000 teens stay home from school one day each month because they fear for their safety because of a bully. The self-esteem building nonprofit group Hey UGLY (Unique Gifted Lovable You) has designated the second Wednesday in February as National Stop Bullying Day, a day for schools across America to conduct Stop Bullying classroom activities and school assembly presentations on how to eradicate bullying from schools and neighborhoods. More schools should participate. In high school I dealt with it, most everybody has a bully story whether it happened to them as a child or even as an adult. So it’s good to have a day dedicated to helping people through it and stop ignoring the problem.

02/09/2011 6:01PM
Today is an Important Day but nobody knows
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02/10/2011 7:44PM
Elsie Mayo
Parents and educators can work to prevent and stop bullying in schools.. ..While many parents may assume that bullying in schools is a problem that occurs in middle or high school the fact is that schools and parents should take steps to prevent and stop bullying in schools as early as kindergarten and early elementary school. Children may be reluctant to discuss a school bullying problem with parents but there are common signs parents can look for if they suspect that their child may be the victim of school bullying...Talk to your school about what teachers can do and about effective programs that are being used by schools to deter bullying.
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