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Johnny Scott
Johnny Scott

Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, I've been on the airwaves of New Orleans since 1983, and have been hosting mornings on Magic 101.9 for over 17 Years. I have wanted to live and work in New Orleans since I got my first Radio job over 30 years ago. The city has a mystic way of captivating you, and never letting you go.

I never thought that I would wind up in a career where all you do is talk to people, play great music and get paid for it! Life is wonderful. I enjoy getting up every morning at 4:00am and going on the air to provide a stress free drive to work for my listeners. As far as hobbies go, it’s Bowling, Bowling and more Bowling. You’ll find me at a bowling establishment somewhere on any given day or night. When I’m not on the lanes, I’m at home spending a quite evening with my family, and a little Madden Football mixed in somewhere in between.

Thanks again for making me a part of your morning!
Weekdays 12pm - 6pm
Steve Suter
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Steve Suter

Born and raised in New Orleans, I went to school at St. Edwards in Metairie, Rummel High and on to LSU. I have been living "On The Air" in New Orleans for over 15 years.

My parents, John and Sylvia live in Metairie whose home flooded in the storm. My older brother was transferred to Houston and works for ExxonMobil. I have three sisters, Sharon is still in Houston since Katrina, Charlene is at home in Kenner and Cheryl has been living with her husband in Shreveport since her home was flooded from Katrina.

I finished repairs at my home in Mandeville with my wife Lisa,  daughter Kristi and  son Steven.  I love pets so let me mention our dog named Mia (Beshon) and newest dog Saddie (Ratfink) and cat named Misty,  One day I hope to be named Grand Marshall of the Pooch Parade on the Lakefront. Love walking on the lakefront, riding my bike on the Tammany Trace and boating on the Lake and Tchefuncta River... and meeting listeners anywhere so if you ever see me please shout out so I can thank you for listening in person. 

It's amazing how much the effects of Katrina still have on our daily lives after years. And will for years to come.  I worked here at Entercom through the storm until the floods ran us out. it's a long story that I'm saving for my Movie. But it's great to be home even with many new challenges, like you, we continue to have Faith and rebuild our homes and lives as well as help our family and friends come home. I know things are moving very s l o w l y, but lets keep the faith and try to stay positive, with the help of our family, friends and elected officials (or our newly elected officials) we look forward to being a part of this great opportunity to make our communities better and more successful than ever.  

While we will continue to give you important information to rebuild, now more than ever depend on us for some "Music Therapy" with Continuous Soft Rock. Songs you know and love to ease the stress of these challenging days and weeks...month's...years ahead. Like seeing an old friend when you came back into your neighborhood, here's a welcome home hug and together we will get through this.

God Bless You all. Welcome Home...let's bring back the MAGIC back to our city...
Linda Cassidy
Linda Cassidy

First Concert: My very first concert? Don Ho.  I was nearly 5 years old. Guess the folks couldn’t find a babysitter : )

Favorite food:  Mom’s Hawaiian food

Last book read: “Under A Hoodoo Moon – The Life of the Night Tripper ” – Dr. John w/ Jack Rummel

Current hobby: I like a nice, long walk outdoors when I can get one.
Favorite childhood memory about your mother or father: I have several but one that stands out was watching them slow-dance at my sister’s wedding. My parents, by the way, have been married over 50 years. They are my favorite love story.

What makes you laugh? My clumsiness!

Cats or dogs? I’m a dog lover, through and through.

What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager? Shaun Cassidy (sigh) at least we had the same last name.

Latest accomplishment: Not getting distracted by delicious goodies in the break room. Doh! Nevermind.

Why I do what I do:  Just like my co-workers, it’s a passion. We’ve all enjoyed being on the air for years and take great satisfaction in keeping our listeners company throughout the day.  If you, the listener, are happy, we are on cloud nine.
Dave Potter
Dave Potter

Born and raised here in N'Awlins and started this radio gig 25 years ago spinning Dick Clark's Rock, Roll and Remember show on Saturday mornings. Seems like an eternity!

It's amazing living in this city with all the incredible culture, ambience, music, food, and most important of all, the people! You will never find a more open and caring people like it is here in New Orleans and the surrounding communities.

Living is great in New Orleans with my wife, Nancy, my daughters, Emilee and Anna, not to mention the pets; Harry (dog), Jenny (cat) and Elinor (cockatiel). Not too big on hobbies except maybe a little singing now and then as well as being a Saints fanatic!

Hope you'll be listening on the weekends while I play your great soft rock favorites to help you relax and de-stress after your crazy work week.

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