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Wet Nose Wendesday - previously featured pets

Wet Nose Wednesday archive

Wet Nose Wednesday

Every Wednesday, Magic 101.9 showcases adorable animals looking for good homes!  
Here are some of our previously featured pets!

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Skye has beautiful markings, is high energy and loves to run and play. Left to his own devices as a puppy he needs someone to guide him in life and show him love so he no longer feels like an abandoned puppy. Skye came to ARNO as a young puppy still trying to figure out what life is all about. He is just a big puppy now but would do best with someone able to work and train him so that mouthiness will become playfulness. Exercise is the key since he is full of play. Skye is a perfect candidate for training and once bonded would be a loyal friend for life. This young ARNO rescue needs someone to show him the ropes so he understands all the ins and outs of living in the home. For more info contact adoption fee is $200 and includes neuter, shots and a chip. Animal Rescue New Orleans

Wizard and Sugar

Wizard and Sugar came from a home where they have been their entire lives. Their mommy became ill and was leaving to go to MD Anderson as she could no longer keep them. This couple is inseparable! Sugar (7 year old Papillon mix) and Wizard (8 year old poodle mix) have always been together. They are so bonded and in love with each other! They are easy to handle, quiet, clean friendly, and the best of friends. They both love to be held and loved on, but are happy just being around you and around each other. They eat, play, sleep, and do everything together. They are both ready, holding paws, to embark on their next journey into their new forever home. They truly are soul mates, and they are hoping their human soul mate comes for them soon. The adoption fee for one dog is $200, but to keep this couple together it is $300 and covers spay/neuter, vaccines, rabies, chip, and heartworm treatment (if applicable). For more info contact  Animal Rescue New Orleans



This older lady is still young at heart! Annie came to Animal Rescue New Orleans when her owner became very sick and could no longer care for her. She is a spunky Schnauzer mix that knows just what she wants and when she wants it! She loves her people, but the world stops spinning when she smells those beggin' strips, and she needs to have them! She has the softest fur and most adorable expression. She is always ready for her walks, and she will always lead the way! She's ready for her new best friend and to become the queen of the house!

Annie is looking for hospice foster! A hospice foster is for the amazing seniors who need a forever home, but ARNO is with you every step of the way to take care of any extraordinary medical expenses.

For more information on Annie and the foster hospice program please email to set up an appointment to meet this lovely girl!


Pearl and her sister, Patch, are gorgeous American Shorthair mixes—a beautiful, distinct breed of cats. Pearl is a dilute torti to be exact and her markings are just stunning (especially the coloration of her face!).She has soft pastel coloring that you just have to see in person. When sweet Miss Pearl was found with her sister when they were young kittens, they both had eye infections. Thanks to some luck and a lot of TLC by the ARNO staff, Pearl didn't lose the vision in her eyes. Pearl is still like a kitten so she has that natural curiosity that all kittens have, but she also has a more reserved side. She's completely content hanging out in her hammock while she watches the activity around her. She fought for her life the first few weeks she was alive and she deserves a family of her own. She's very well socialized and would thrive in a home environment. For more info contact The adoption fee is $85 and includes spay, shots, a chip and a combo test. There is a discount in the adoption fee if you adopt Pearl with her sister, Patch. Animal Rescue New Orleans


Pepper had her 15 minutes of fame and then what? Pepper is a medium sized yellow lab mix who brought rescuers from far and wide to rescue her as she had a pickle jar stuck on her head (possibly a mayonaise jar). Several groups had gone out to trap her as her time would be limited without being able to eat or drink. Finally a group of ARNO volunteers headed out to Laplace. Lo and behold Pepper was trapped, but a very excited rescuer pulled the jar off of her head without having the very frightened little girl secured and off ran Pepper minus the jar on her head!! She was trapped again soon after as she was also very hungry. She even had a book written about her. Those were her 15 minutes of fame.

As ARNO brought Pepper to our no-kill shelter she was assessed as a feral dog needing socialization. ARNO's feral dog coordinator worked with her and then eventually put her with a socialized dog. Now Pepper has advanced to the next step. She is used to walking on a leash and has been going into foster on weekends with ARNO's chief day lead. She does well with other dogs and is now getting used to going into the car. Pepper will need patience and love. Like all ferals at ARNO you would be required to spend time at the shelter to form a bond with her. Next a ride to Mc Donald's to get her a hamburger to get her used to your car and finally an overnight. She would be great with a socialized dog as she is very shy and sweet. If you would like more info contact The adoption fee is $150 and inlcudes spay, shots, a chip and heartworm treatment if needed. Animal Rescue New Orleans.

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