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101.9 HD2 - Magic Love Songs

101.9 HD2 - Magic Love Songs

Love Songs on 101.9 HD 2

Relaxation...and Romance
On your radio 24 hours a day at 101.9 HD2

You've probably heard about HD Radio a lot, but what is it?  One of the best things about it are the new radio stations in between the stations you listen to now and the only way to access them is with an HD Radio.  That's it - you just need a new radio!

So it's like Magic After Dark...but all day long?  How do I listen to it?
You just need to get a HD Radio™!  Then it's free (just like the radio stations you listen to now) to listen to from that point on.  No subsription fees or anything to sign up for.

What we play on Magic Love Songs

The greatest love songs of all time.  So you can bring back all those great memories with songs you've slow danced to...songs that remind you of that special someone...songs you might have even forgotten about.  It's 100% love songs!

Does the Soft Rock I listen to now on Magic 101.9 sound different?
You can still tune into Magic 101.9 for Continuous Soft Rock like you do now - the music won't change, but with your new HD Radio - the quality is just like a CD!  The new "bonus radio station," Magic Love Songs, also is in CD quality!

What else is different with an HD Radio?
The main thing is that you get this totally new Magic Love Songs station...
But you also a better sounding version of the Magic 101.9 you are used to!
You get all the song info right there on the radio screen
And you can set it up for iTunes tagging (which means if you like the song, you click a button and then the next time you go to'll give you the option to buy it).

How much is an HD Radio?
They start around $50

More info on how to upgrade your radio at



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