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Posts from June 2012


Time for some much needed rest and relaxation.
I'm on vacation through Sunday, July 8th. I'll be back on Monday, July 9th.

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This young lady has lots of friends in the Gulf of Mexico that she could have paid a visit.
Thank goodness she decided on her friends in Florida instead of us.

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Women only festival this weekend

The second annual FestiGals gets underway today and headlining the four-day festival is Hoda Kotb, probably still best known around here for being a former Channel 4 anchor. 
Organizers say FestiGals is a four-day summer weekend festival created by women for women, offering a full range of inspirational seminars, empowerment workshops and networking opportunities designed to showcase the New Orleans cultural scene for an experience that usually only insiders ever get to see. Attendees will also be treated to lunch with NBC's Hoda Kotb, a series of private tours and cocktail receptions at coveted New Orleans locations, a parade through the streets of the French Quarter as stars of their own second-line, dancing the night away on Bourbon Street and shopping 'til they drop on world famous Royal Street.
"This event won't be your usual keynote presentation.  It will highlight the Bodacious Bras for a Cause Luncheon.  As a cancer survivor and in support of other women battling this disease, Kotb's event offers up a creative menu of artfully designed bras for a special auction that benefits the Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans, Lyons says.  "Kotb has created a bra that promises to be a hot item on an 'A' list of creations that includes submissions by award-winning country singer Martina McBride, CNN political correspondents Mary Matalin and James Carville, the King of Bam celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse and Gayle Benson, wife of New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson."  So if you're looking for cupcake vodka cocktails and other girlie treats, check out their Saturday night party in the French Quarter.
"FestiGals will have you sashaying down Bourbon Street in your very own New Orleans-style Second-line Parade," Lyons promises.  "The Stiletto Stroll takes place on Saturday and ends with an exciting After Glow Party."

Click here for the FestiGals website.

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American Idol auditions here next month

They are coming back. cause they know we have so much talnet here. American Idol will be here for auditions again for the new season. The date will be July 17, with on-site registration beginning July 15. The location will be New Orleans Arena same as last time.

More information about the New Orleans auditions.

Audition rules.

Audition FAQs.

Audition registration form.

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Letting loose your potty mouth in Middleborough, Mass., a small town of 20,000 people, will get you a $20.00 fine. This goes for whether you do it out doors, in your home or in your car. The people voted 183 to 50 in favor of the fine, which could raise questions about First Amemdment rights.
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Verizon customers like me have new options

Some questions and answers about Verizon Wireless' new Share Everything plans, which go into effect June 28.
     Q: Will Verizon convert me to a new plan, or can I keep my old plan?
 A: Verizon won't switch you over to the new plan unless you ask. You can keep your old plan, even if you trade up to a new phone after that date and extend your contract. But for new customers, Share Everything will be the only alternative, with a few exceptions, starting June 28.
     Q: What type of customer should move to the new plan?
 A: If you already have unlimited calling and texting plans, the new plans are likely to save you money, especially if you have a family plan. If you have a tablet, the new pricing scheme could be a good idea too. Even if your tablet doesn't have a cellular modem, you may be able to take advantage of the plan, because it lets you create a ``mobile hotspot'' with your smartphone, so you can go online with your Wi-Fi-only tablet.
     Q: What if I have an ``unlimited data'' plan? Can I keep it?
 A: Yes, you can. But _and there's a big ``but'' here_ Verizon will no longer let you move the plan to a new phone after June 28, unless you pay the full, unsubsidized price for it. For most smartphones that will add hundreds of dollars to the price. A subsidized Verizon iPhone 4S costs $200. The price you'll pay if you keep your unlimited plan: $650. (Verizon stopped signing up new customers for unlimited a year ago)
 Q: I'm a current Verizon customer with a 3G phone, but I need faster data downloads. Do I have to go to a new plan if I upgrade to a 4G phone?
 A: No, you can keep your old plan. However, if you have an unlimited data plan, you'll be paying full price for that spiffy new 4G phone, as mentioned above.
 Q: I have a phone and tablet, but they're on different carriers. Can this plan work for me?
 A: Probably not. The plan encourages you to use only Verizon-compatible devices. But if you have a Verizon smartphone and an AT&T iPad, you could cancel the AT&T service and use the hotspot mode mentioned above. It's just not as convenient has having direct cellular access on the iPad.
 Q: I don't need a fancy data plan. I just want a regular phone, with no frills. Are the calling-only plans going away?
 A: Almost. There will be only one plan for basic phones. It costs $40 per month and gives you 700 minutes of calling. Texting and data will cost extra. For this type of phone, there are cheaper, no-contract alternatives from many companies.
 Q: I'm single and I just want a smartphone, that's it. The cheapest Shared Everything plan looks pretty expensive at $90 per month, and that's with just 1 gigabyte of data. Is there no alternative?
 A: There's one cheaper plan, intended for first-time smartphone buyers. It gives you unlimited calling and texting, and just 300 megabytes of data per month. If you're frugal with data usage, that will get you by. It costs $80 per month.
     Q: Is this the future? Are all phone plans going to be this way?
 A: For its part, AT&T is likely to go in this direction as well. It makes sense for phone companies to meter only the data usage. They can easily provide unlimited texting and calling, but data usage stresses their network. They also want to get as many new, non-phone devices as possible on their networks, and, for customers, shared data plans are cheaper than putting each device on a new plan.
 That said, there's likely to be a wide variety of phone plans in the industry.
     Q: How do data plans work in other countries?
 A: They mostly limit data usage per device, the model Verizon is moving away from. Contract terms are often more flexible overseas, however, and more phones and Internet devices are pay-as-you-go rather than bound by contract.
     Q: Does this mean I can drop my home DSL service or cable modem?
 A: Maybe, if you're a light Internet user. Adding a data stick or Verizon-connected ``hotspot'' device to your plan will cost just $20 per month. But home PCs often use a lot of data, especially if you like to watch Internet video. Many households use more than 10 gigabytes per month, the maximum allotment under Verizon's plan. That much data costs $100 per month.
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Fathers Day gift ideas

1. Daily deals online

Check out our Perks page with local, dad-friendly gifts.

Experts also suggested looking for things Dad can do with the family, like a day out at the movies, instead of things he might like to do by himself, like golf lessons.

2. Sports tickets

Zephrys Baseball tickets can be easy and cheap, VooDoo Football is back, and of course anything Saints- LSU is good.

3. Family-friendly tech gifts

Got my wife an iPad for Mothers Day and she hasn't stop using it eveyhour for something. Tablet computers and smartphones do well, but some experts said Dad might prefer something like a Wii video game console or Connect that the whole family can use. We got one for the Family for Chrismtas and have only used it sparingly. It's rare that we are all home at the same time then have time to play video games. But when we do it's a  blast and i love to play golf when it;s just me.
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Family Union

Look what happens when one new member of the family meets another new member of the family.

I think he's doing a pretty good job as a baby sitter.
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Beauty Pagent rigged?

The Miss Universe Organization says it is seeking monetary damages for ``defamatory statements'' made by a former contestant who alleges the pageant was rigged. The pageant filed an arbitration action Friday against Sheena Monnin, the Miss Pennsylvania USA who resigned her crown this week. Earlier Friday, Monnin told NBC's ``Today'' show she was standing by her claim that a fellow contestant told her she saw a list of finalists hours before the pageant. Miss Universe officials say Monnin actually resigned because organizers decided to admit transgender contestants. Monnin said there are ``myriad'' reasons she stepped down but the list of finalists was her primary motivation. A lawyer for pageant organizers say the action was filed with a private dispute entity named in the contestant contract.

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Graduation punichment

We’ve all been to graduation ceremonies and families and friends usually give a quick shout after the graduates name is announced but you never want to continue because you it’s unfair to others who want to hear their graduates name’s called after. A Cincinnati high school is withholding a graduate's diploma and requiring community service as punishment for overly boisterous long cheering by his family during his graduation ceremony The mother says the cheering wasn't unusually loud or disruptive. She says her son shouldn't be penalized for his family and friends cheering. Agree or disagree
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